Stuck in the Past? Let it go

As a Mediator, Lawyer, and committed Meditator, I find that the biggest problem people face in conflict resolution, may that be conflict within or with another, is the inability to let things go.

Separation is particularly heart breaking. The thief of the life that was. The beginning to a whole lot of uncertainty. Life changing decisions must be made. It can seem like a hopeless situation with all the paperwork and decision making that is painful and seemingly endless. One can feel that no matter what happens at this point, you are unlikely to win.

I agree, no matter what, there is loss to be experienced. Loss of a relationship, the family as it was, financial loss, the dream of how you planned your life to be. Years seemingly wasted and the overwhelming sense of failure.

I bare good news however, A separation is nowhere near the end of your life. Should you change your mind, it can be a source of unlimited growth and positive changes in your life. "Loss" as you perceive it, is only a call to change. Aren't you lucky that someone somewhere cares enough to call you to grow, for the better?

You must let go, you must grow, you must live well, you know you want to.

So, how can you let go?
  • You must be clear of what you need to let go. Honestly reflect on what your part is in the separation or conflict. Own up to the parts of you that need to grow.

  • You must have deep conviction that your old self is no longer serving you. You must want to grow.

  • You must be of one mind. Your only desire at this point is to let go. You are tired of the conflict, and desperate to find peace. Lack of conviction will only lead to delay and inaction.

  • Find a practice that will help you change and grow your mind. Meditation has worked wonders for many people I know including myself.

  • Find Peace within and no matter your circumstance, find yourself, centred and happy.

"Nature’s flow is to just live as water flows, without going against the laws of nature; it is living without conflicts; it is living as one without separation between you and me; living simply as one in togetherness; it is living for others before one’s self; it is doing without the mind of having done; it is simply just living. Such is a life of nature’s flow".

Natures Flow, Woo Myung

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