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Mumbi Wills,
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Complete Mediation was founded by Mumbi Wills to bring peace of mind, clarity and closure to parties suffering from a communication breakdown and have reached a breaking point. 

Mumbi is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with a law background. She has seen the emotional strain, financial loss and physical stress that occurs when parties are stuck at a roadblock with one another in legal proceedings. By becoming a Perth mediator, Mumbi can work more intimately with individuals, providing an avenue for dialogue and always seeking the best solution for both parties.


The Right Choice for Your Family

We understand you want to make the right choice when it comes to your family. In life, conflict is bound to occur. It is one of life’s certainties. We get that.

When two parties cannot reach an agreement, it becomes a roadblock in life and business. Couples break up; businesses fail, family and community disputes can get out of hand.

The stress, anger, resentment, and uncertainty can become overwhelming and all-consuming.

You want to free yourself from the anguish caused by conflict. You want peace; a resolution and a sense of safety. We can help guide you with effective mediation in Perth.

No matter the nature of your dispute or how difficult it may seem, you will have an impartial, independent and fair practitioner on your matter.  Mediation is more cost-effective, resolves disputes faster, and in a more cordial manner than time consuming, expensive court proceedings.

Complete Mediation is the solution you have been looking for. We work with you and the other party involved to get you to a resolution and enable you both to move on with your life.

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Why Choose Complete Mediation

Complete Mediation will be your impartial guide to solving your dispute. We’ll work with you and the other party every step of the way until you both come to a resolution. We take every dispute on an individual basis and never picking sides. We believe coming to a resolution quickly will leave you both with less stress, less friction and less financial loss.

We are committed to;

  • Recognise both sides of the arguments impartially

  • Walk both parties through the disagreement step by step

  • Solve problems quickly, cheaply and in a mutually beneficial manner

  • Enable parties to meet in the middle on significant issues

  • Save personal and professional relationships through direct dialogue

When is the right time to employ a mediator in Perth?

Mediation is an extremely effective avenue to resolve disputes for a wide range of situations. People often hire a mediator when disputes have gotten to the point where they can't reach an agreement independently.


Communication between two parties has broken down but going to court isn't the right solution. Because of the less formal and more direct dialogue between  the two parties, mediation is more likely to resolve a problem that leaves both parties in good terms.


Make that initial contact.

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Feeling frustrated?
Feeling disadvantaged by
the system?
Anxious about when you
will see your children?


Would you like to co-parent in peace?

Mediation works!
It is quick, efficient and

We will contact the other
party promptly and get
things moving, so you can
move on with your life.

Seperating Couples

The Mediator is impartial, independent, a skilled negotiator and understands the law.

Partnerships Disputes

The Mediator is impartial, independent, a skilled negotiator and understands the law.

Personal Relations

The Mediator is impartial, independent, a skilled negotiator and understands the law.

Community dispute

The Mediator is impartial, independent, a skilled negotiator and understands the law.

Peace of Mind is Just A Click Away

Imagine resolving your dispute and avoiding expensive Court fees
Wouldn't that feel nice?

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